furniture MAKER & SculpturAL ARTIST


Re-using what we have is the philosophy at the centre of all my work.”

Working almost entirely with salvaged timber, I see wonder and potential far deeper than surface appearance and often completely detached from the materials original use. As such, my work oscillates along a delicate line between sculpture and furniture.



There exists a familiarity in my work whilst at the same time creating something new. Perhaps it’s a homage to the past life of native timbers and materials that appeals to me, the time it takes for something to reach me or to be found, and the new lease of life that I give to it. 

My approach is gentle and respectful, treating the timbers of another era and use by selecting, cutting, shaping and rearranging them, to ultimately create new works of sculptural forms.  


Furniture Making

Working almost entirely with found materials, specifically timber, I see wonder and potential where they may appear on first glance to be none. Often completely detaching myself from the materials original use. My aim is to answer my own question, “Why are we not using up what we already have?" The environment has already paid the price for so much, why take more? 

My furniture creations break the mould of the in-vogue concept of merely up-cycling.  I search for the beauty hidden in an objects original form. Through slicing, arranging, rearranging and even turning the inside out - I find such beauty.

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