Reconstructed Oak Coffee Table

Oak Coffee Table Reconstructed

Oak Coffee Table Reconstructed, refurbished and re-designed from an oak 1930s dining table, this beautiful and elegant coffee table is just delightful to use.

The original legs are split, quartered, and then turned inside to present a ‘clean’ edge of newly exposed wood, which is then gently sanded and protected with wax.

The top surface is composed entirely of strips of oak, and has a lyrical quality to it with the ‘dancing’ cut out squares creating a random pattern, while the tiger-like flecks (called ‘medullary rays’) are only found in the best part of the oak.

For me, what makes it so special is that it creates a sense of lightness and playfulness for such a sturdy piece of practical furniture. Currently on show at The Vivian, Matakana.

Oak Coffee Table $1,800 - Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for construction and delivery.