Gorley is an individual sculptural piece developed from salvaged kauri having a painted and stained finish. The work was inspired by the village of Gorley near to where I grew up, with the common sight of donkeys grazing. Its origins were derived from two different sources with the centre form, once a finial - an architectural piece from a building.

Balustrade Table

This work is made almost entirely from recycled pine balustrades, which are sanded, primed, then repainted. It’s a simple, but elegant design made to last – with robust mortise and tenon joinery. I have a slight obsession about slicing through balustrades; I always think it’s a bit like looking back through time. The unusual unexpected patterns are a real bonus too.

Eking it Out

A conglomeration of table legs forming a piece of functional art. Eking it Out can be used as a table or simply as objet D’art. This piece is made from a large variety of timbers. In a sense it is recycled twice, as all the pieces are off-cuts from other projects, which were also created from recycled material.